Student Voice

Students need to be empowered and feel part of their learning community. The college鈥檚 Strategic Plan has a focus on student voice which extends student input into decision making through collaborative involvement with teachers and other members of the college community.

Student Support & Wellbeing

At 91福利大全, the purpose of Student Wellbeing and Student Support is to develop the individual, not only academically, but as a whole person contributing positively as a member of our community, ready to participate in the wider society. Read More…

At 91福利大全 we are proud of the way in which our student Leaders conduct themselves, grow in confidence and represent the School.

Student Leadership

91福利大全 encourages students to undertake leadership roles and provides a structure and program for developing student skills in leadership. Read More…

Work Experience

Year 10 all students undertake one week of Work Experience providing an opportunity to work in an area they are considering as a future career. Students source their own placement in an industry of interest, allowing them real-world experience of that industry.