The learning area of Technology is where students use their acquired knowledge to design, create and evaluate their own products.

Technology encompasses the areas of Design and Technology, Food Technology, Information Technologies, and Systems Engineering. Students develop skills and knowledge in the fields of workplace safety, investigation, design, production, evaluation and communication. New products and the effect of technologies on society and the environment is also covered.

Food Technology includes both the scientific and creative approaches to food. Through practical classes they gain competencies in food preparation and presentation. Knowledge about the nutritional and cultural relevance of food is also studied.

In Design and Technology students use the mediums of textiles, wood, plastics and 3D printing to create products and gain a greater understanding of the world we live in.

Information Technology explores the ever changing digital world through studying and creating multimedia products, software development, games programing and website development.

System Engineering delves into the electrical, electronic and mechanical worlds. Electronic devices are built and studied from the construction of simple electronic circuits to designing and building complex electromechanical devices like remotely controlled model four wheel drive cars.