Humanities at 91福利大全 encourages and challenges students to consider their place within the world around them, assisting them to develop a greater understanding of its complexity and their role in the future.

Humanities students become critical and insightful thinkers, more confident communicators and more active citizens. The study of Humanities fosters an appreciation of past and present cultures, and the ways that people interact with their environments. Our learning area is made up of a range of disciplines that provide a framework of skills in questioning, research, analysis, evaluation and communication which equip students to examine the often multi-faceted processes and systems that have shaped the modern world and investigate responses to those challenges.

History and Geography, along with Economics and Civics and Citizenship, are undertaken by all students in Years 7 to 9. At Year 10, students have the opportunity to study in the areas of History, Geography, Politics, Philosophy, and Commerce, as well as Business Management as an enhancement study. Humanities has a strong place within the VCE at the college, with a proud history of success. The following subjects are offered at VCE level: Accounting, Australian and Global Politics, Business Management, Economics, Geography, History (20th Century and Revolutions), Legal Studies, and Philosophy. Study in the Humanities equips students with essential knowledge and skills that enable them to be better able to understand and engage with the complexities of the world in which they live.