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Junior Campus (Year 7 & 8)
– 145 Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley

Senior Campus (Year 9-12) – Cnr Lechte & Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley

For any further queries please email the college on聽尘辞耻苍迟.飞补惫别濒别测.蝉肠蔼别诲耻肠补迟颈辞苍.惫颈肠.驳辞惫.补耻听
Please Note:聽 The college is closed for school holidays from 29 March to 14 April.聽 Any message relating to Campus Tours will be responded to once school resumes from Monday 15 April.

To view our online video tours showcasing our subject and other programs at the college please click here.

91福利大全 - Senior Campus