Well, we are half-way through a busy term 2. I would like to congratulate our year 12 students who sat their Northern Hemisphere Timetable (NHT) exams this week for English, Biology and Accounting. They have worked so hard and should be proud of being one step closer toward achieving their VCE. Thanks to our NHT teachers for all their support to get the students to this point.


Learning Walks

Over the last two weeks our staff have been engaging in Learning Walks across both the Junior and Senior Campuses. Learning Walks occur in small groups and are led by a member of the School Improvement Team. It is an opportunity for our teachers to observe each other and reflect on how their observations could support their own practice, and foster conversations about teaching and learning. It is always a privilege to get the opportunity to visit another teacher鈥檚 classroom and our staff found the process valuable for their continued development.


The General Achievement Test (GAT)

The GAT is a test sat by all students studying a Unit 3 and 4 subject and will take place on June 18. The GAT is structured into two sections, with a range of question difficulties. Section A is a literacy and numeracy assessment comprised of multiple choice questions relating to reading and numeracy, and a writing task. Section B assesses general knowledge and skills and is comprised of multiple choice questions relating to maths, science, technology, arts and humanities and an extended writing task. The GAT plays a role in the quality assurance of all VCE assessments and it is important that all students try their absolute best on this assessment. Students will be receiving information relating to the GAT in their mentoring classes and year level assemblies.



Students in Years 9, 10 and 11 will sit mid-year exams. For our Year 11 students these exams are an opportunity to test their understanding and knowledge of the skills and content covered in semester one. Exam practice is an important experience for our students to assist them in preparing for the Year 12 exams next year. I would like to encourage our students to use the exam advice provided to them by their teachers, seek out their teachers for assistance, and ensure they follow a study timetable to help them manage their time.


Respect for School Staff Policy

All staff at 91福利大全 have a right to a safe and supportive work environment, and we expect that parents/carers and visitors behave in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times. There is a Respect for School Staff Policy that has been added to the school’s website that outlines our expectations of all visitors to our college. The college welcomes feedback that is communicated in a respectful and constructive manner and parents/carers are reminded to follow the process outlined in the Complaints Policy located on the college’s website.



Ms Lauren Kelly
Acting Campus Principal – Senior School